Bake Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits and treats are part of everyday life for almost every dog ​​owner. Be it as a reward, as a snack in between, or as an activity for the dog. But do you always know exactly what you are feeding your dog? Of course, there are high-quality products made from healthy ingredients and lots of meat. However, there are also biscuits that contain a lot of questionable ingredients. The solution: bake your own dog biscuits. We’ll show you 3 simple basic recipes and give you a list of tips to keep in mind when making dog biscuits yourself.

Why Bake Your Own Dog Biscuits?

There are many reasons to bake biscuits for your dog yourself. On the one hand, you can determine the composition of the biscuits yourself and adapt them to your dog. On the other hand, you can bake together with your dog and also make others happy with it.

Composition of Your Dog Biscuits

Many dogs like bought treats and dog biscuits. They come in all shapes and colors, there is something for almost every taste. But it is precisely this diversity that often makes it difficult to select the right product. Many treats contain substances that are not necessarily good for your dog. For example, treats sold over the counter often have a long shelf life so that they don’t go bad in the store.

This is good for the treat, but it’s often because a preservative has been added to the cookie. Your dog takes this in and has to process it, which is not always a good thing, depending on the preservative. A good alternative if you are looking for a long-lasting treat without preservatives and do not want to bake it yourself are freeze-dried treats. Thanks to the gentle freeze-drying process, these have a long shelf life and often contain nothing but meat.

Colorings are also often added to commercially available treats to make them look as appealing as possible. Again, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether natural colorings or artificial colorings have been used. Of course, not all dyes are bad, but it’s often good to know what you’re actually feeding your dog.

Especially for dogs with existing allergies or food intolerances, it is great if you know exactly what you are feeding your dog. Of course, you can stand in the store for hours and look at the packages to see if the treatment is really suitable for your dog. But then why not just do it yourself quickly? So you can decide for yourself what your dog gets to eat. This not only means that your dog does not eat allergens, but also that you can make treats out of your dog’s favorite foods.

Spend Time with Your Dog – Give Gifts to Others

Lots of things are hectic these days. The time that you spend with your dog and really enjoy is sometimes a bit too short. So use baking your own treats to spend quality time with your dog again. Of course, your dog can’t really help. But just that he can be there and you focus on something that is for him is a great thing. And if you watch well, you can certainly taste it from time to time or steal delicacies that have “accidentally” fallen down.

Unfortunately, homemade dog biscuits do not last very long. Depending on the ingredients you use, the biscuits can be stored in tin cans or cloth bags for up to 3 weeks. However, frozen treats keep longer. But why keep everything for you and your dog? Small packages of homemade dog biscuits make great gifts. Preparation and packaging are done quickly and cheaply. Every dog ​​owner can use treats. And when they’re homemade, these gifts really are gifts with a heart!

Now let’s go – three recipes for dog biscuits

As already mentioned, you can be creative when baking dog biscuits. Here are three recipes that are easy to make. In addition, you probably already have all the necessary ingredients at home and can get started right away!

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