Beagador: Beagle & Labrador Retriever

The Beagador is a designer breed created by crossing the Beagle and the Labrador Retriever. They are very open, loving, and friendly animals that primarily value good relationships within their family. They are extremely loyal to the owner and family and are happy to spend all their free time with them. So, let’s take a closer look at this breed.


Even in the same litter, puppies may differ, but most often the Beagador resembles an enlarged Beagle, from which
Beagador received a body, a typical head, the shape of the eyes. By the length of the coat and color, the features of the Labrador are guessed. Сoat, webbed feet, and temperament. Beagador’s coat is short and smooth, colors range from black to cream, and often puppies are born with spots that inherited from the Beagle.
Representatives of the breed are of medium size, their average height is 48-60 cm, and their weight is 11-18 kg.


This cheerful dog is able to charge everyone around with his vitality and optimism. Living in a family, Beagador creates around itself a calm and happy atmosphere of home comfort and harmony. This dog can hardly tolerate loneliness, or rather, it does not tolerate it at all and prefers to leave the owner’s house than to yearn without human attention and communication.

Beagador is ready to be friends with everyone: with children, with adults, with cats, even with the postman. This is not at all the case when a dog is viciously guarding its borders. On the contrary, she is ready to let everyone into the house and play with them.

The Beagador has an excellent sense of smell, like the Beagle. In hunting, the Beagador is as good as its parent.
The hunting instinct attracts dogs to explore burrows, bushes, and run away after an attractive scent. Therefore, it is not recommended to walk the dog without a leash until the command is mastered “Stop.”

This breed is distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity. They are easy and pleasant to train, they are even glad when they are engaged in, and strive to please the owner with the exact execution of all commands. The only difficulty is that the Beagadors are very playful and often distracted, especially during childhood and adolescence. Yes, this is one of those dogs who do not want to say goodbye to puppy habits and like to fool around even when they look like big respectable dogs, and sometimes they themselves become mums and dads.


The Beagador dog is great for training and gladly takes part in the training process. These dogs can be trained to perform a variety of functions – helping the elderly and people with disabilities, staying with a child, searching for explosives and drugs.

In any case, Beagador is just a good, kind, smart friend. He does not need to be forced to study – if you train every day at about the same time, the dog will wait for this moment with joy. Beagador training must be consistent.

You need to be consistent, not nervous about trifles, and arm yourself with patience. Although, these dogs usually memorize everything pretty quickly. If you want to train your pet in any special commands or actions, for example, to help an elderly person, it may be better to bring in a specialist.


The Beagador’s coat is easy to care for: bathe the dog as needed, brush it daily with a special brush. Beagadors are clean, in most cases, take care of their appearance.

The dog’s eyes need to be wiped daily with a cotton swab, at the slightest inflammation or lachrymation, the eyes are wiped with a decoction of chamomile and seek medical advice from a doctor.

Ears do not require any special care, if your dog starts scratching his ears, or has an unpleasant odor from the ears, show your pet to a specialist.

The nails are trimmed as needed. In the summer season, the claws are able to grind on their own on the asphalt and stones.

When the first signs of illness are found in Beagador, it is forbidden to treat the dog on its own. Only a doctor is able to make an accurate diagnosis of the disease and provide appropriate medication.


The breed has some genetic health problems. Both parents have a predisposition to hip dysplasia joint and Beagador also has a tendency to this disease. Beagador inherited obesity tendencies from Labrador and Beagle. Therefore, it is important to monitor the diet and the amount of food consumed. Obesity leads to the development of serious diseases.


The main commandment of the owner of Beagador from the first days should be the principle of moderation in food. As we mentioned earlier, these dogs are prone to overeating, which leads to obesity and very serious health problems. To avoid trouble, accustom your dog to a strict diet, keep track of the portion size, do not allow excess “lunch” to remain in the bowl, do not get carried away with dog treats, and, of course, do not treat your pet with pieces from the common table – salty, smoked and sweet food. If you prefer a natural diet, coordinate the menu with your doctor, and do not forget about vitamin and mineral supplements. When choosing ready-made feed, focus on the products of trusted brands from the upper price segment. With any type of food, the dog must have constant access to fresh drinking water.


Beagadors are incredibly smart, peaceful, cheerful, and agile dogs that will easily make even the most inveterate pessimist smile and bring an unsurpassed atmosphere of warmth and comfort to your home.

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