Claw Cutting

If your dog’s claws are already clattering on the floor, it’s high time to clip your four-legged friend’s claws again!

The claws often grow unnoticed

Especially if your dog walks a lot on soft ground, such as forest floor, it can happen that the claws quickly become too long. In extreme cases, this means that the dog can no longer walk properly and is even in pain.

Be careful when clipping your claws!

So keep checking their paws. You can easily trim the claws with special scissors. You can also ask your veterinarian to show you how to clip your claws. You have to be especially careful with dark claws because you can’t see the blood vessels. If you cut too much, the blood vessels will be injured and this will hurt the dog.

The wolf claw

The so-called wolf claw (thumb claw) occupies a special position. This is not worn out during normal movements and runs. If the dog doesn’t clip its claws when cleaning its paws, you will have to trim them occasionally as well.

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