Combing & Brushing Dogs

The usual coat care such as brushing and combing is not only popular for the change of coat in spring and autumn, but all year round. Find out here how often you should brush your dog and which brush or comb is suitable for this.

Brushing and combing is part of basic grooming for dogs. It is best to get the dog used to regular grooming as soon as it is a puppy. Even short-haired breeds should be brushed. This is the only way you will notice in good time if your dog has parasites such as ticks fleas or eczema. In addition, physical contact is good for the relationship with the dog.

Grooming – coat types of dogs

You should brush and comb your dog daily during the shedding season in spring and autumn. During the rest of the year, grooming depends on the type of coat. A distinction is made between five types:

  • Dogs with curly, non-shedding fur should be brushed two to three times a week.
  • If your dog has a silky coat, it needs to be brushed and combed every day.
  • For wire-haired breeds, long-haired breeds with a lot of undercoat and smooth-coated breeds, brushing and combing once a week is sufficient.

Which brush for which dog?

Not only the frequency of grooming but also the type of brush or comb depends on the dog’s coat:

  • For long-haired dogs with a very woolly coat, combs or brushes with long, rounded teeth work best. Short tines would get stuck in the fur, making tearing and tugging at the tangles inevitable.
  • Short-toothed brushes and combs are ideal for wire-haired breeds.
  • If your four-legged friend has a dense undercoat, you should brush it out regularly with a coarse dog brush or a so-called slicker brush.

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