How to Prepare Your Dog for Fall and Winter?

It is getting colder outside, which means that you need to take care of your pet and prepare him for this difficult period.

Tick ​​control

Usually, the second wave of peak activity of ticks begins in the fall. Therefore, do not relax – be sure to continue to process the pet to avoid a bite and piroplasmosis.

Seasonal molt

In the fall, many dogs, especially long-haired dogs, have increased shedding. Therefore, at this time it is worth combing out the pet more often and more thoroughly.

Also at this time, chronic skin diseases can intensify, therefore, if your pet is allergic or has any skin problems, monitor his condition and in case of an aggravation of the situation, contact your doctor.

Features of walks

Rain and mud make their own adjustments to the lives of dog owners. Now the paws and belly of the dog have to be washed more thoroughly, especially when it comes to pets with long hair, as well as dogs of low breeds, for example, a corgi.

It is worth thinking about buying clothes for dogs – in the fall it can be a raincoat and lightweight overalls, and by winter it is better to buy an insulated one if the dog has short hair and it freezes on the street. Also, by winter, it is worth buying special paws (wax, ointment, etc.), which will help protect the paws from reagents.

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