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One of the bad habits is jumping. Your dog is happy to see you, which you can tell by the tail wagging. But why does he want to jump at you? This may have bothered you less when you were a puppy, but strangers and outsiders, in particular, don’t think it’s great when your dog jumps and tears your visitor’s pantyhose or the white jeans now show dirty paw prints.

Why is My Dog ​​Jumping at Me?

Like puppies in the wild, the puppies leap to say hello to their mother. Otherwise, they won’t approach her to lick her face, which is part of the greeting rite among dogs. Generally, puppies or young dogs between the ages of 6 and 19 months do this.

The “Sit” Command

The “sit” command is essential here. In the event that you are one of those dog owners who do not have a puppy, but got your dog later, I would be happy to explain again here – especially for the new dog parents – how you get the desired reaction from your darling.

You pick up a treat. Then move your hand back and forth over your dog’s head. In order to be able to watch your hand and thus the treat, your darling will automatically sit down. Here you give the command: “Sit!”

Please don’t raise your voice or wave your arms around. The treat itself is the reward for your sweetheart. The beginning is done. Now it goes on – the exercise is repeated as often as you like, but with fewer and fewer treats, until in the end, the command itself is enough to make your dog sit down. In addition, please repeat the command from the side of your dog and from the front.

And How Do I Break This Bad Habit?

First of all, you enter the room and use the sit command. If your dog is already jumping at you or disobeying, avoid “no” or “off” or “ugh.” Just don’t make a fuss about it. Here you should not additionally stimulate your dog, but ignore it in the broadest sense. Then, when your dog has sat down on your command, reward him. Soon your sweetheart will only be out for his reward and will no longer jump at you, but will sit down nicely.

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