Irish Doodle: Irish Setter & Poodle

Are you considering adding an Irish Doodle dog to your family?

An Irish Doodle, also called a Setter Doodle, Setter Poodle Mix, or Irish Poodle is one of the newer hybrid or designer dog breeds that are so popular today.

It is created by mixing a purebred poodle with an Irish setter.

There are pros and cons to crossing two purebred dog breeds to create a new hybrid dog mix like the Irish Doodle.

It is important to understand both the pros and the potential cons before committing to your new Irish Doodle dog for the long term!

Read on for the latest information on the Irish Doodle’s personality, temperament, grooming, training, and health!

Purebred Dogs and Designer Dogs – The Controversy and the Science

If you’re reading this article, you’ve never seen an Irish setter cross poodle mixed up at the close range. Well, they are really cute!

You can visit this breeder website to see adorable pictures of Irish Doodle.

For dog lovers, hybrid dogs like Irish Doodles are not unlike the ever-popular mixed-breed dog or mutt!

However, there is some resistance to hybrid dogs in purebred breeding circles, as breeding two purebred genetic lines dilute each gene pool accordingly.

Canine biologists are advocating such dilution in the name of hybrid vigor, which says genetic diversity can boost the health of future generations of dogs.

The Irish Doodle – a cross between a poodle and a setter

What is an Irish Doodle?

The Irish Doodle, or Setter Doodle, as this hybrid dog is sometimes called, is a cross between a purebred Irish Setter and a purebred Poodle.

The introduction of the Poodle, the purebred parent dog, makes the Irish Doodle dog especially interesting.

Poodles are bred in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. Depending on the size of the Poodle parent, you might get Standard or Mini Irish Doodle dogs!

Origins of the Irish Setter

Unsurprisingly, the Irish Setter is from Ireland.

President Richard Nixon had an Irish setter named Timahoe, after the place where the President’s Irish ancestors lived.

The Irish setter is an exceptional hunting dog, but this dog is best known for its fire-engine red coat.

In fact, for this reason, the breed was originally referred to as the “Red Setter”!

Origins of the poodle

Poodle’s extravagant show clips often make this very intelligent and athletic dog appear like a prima ballerina on a soccer field.

But the poodle has a long and noble lineage as an experienced hunter and athlete, with a specialty in water harvesting and duck hunting.

The purebred poodle is now bred in standard, miniature, and toy sizes. The standard purebred poodle weighs 40 to 70 pounds.

The miniature poodle weighs 10 to 15 pounds and the toy poodle weighs 4 to 6 pounds.

How is the Irish Doodle dog?

As a mixture of two classy, ​​attractive, intelligent, and sporty working dogs, the Irish Doodle is almost guaranteed to showcase each of these wonderful qualities and more.

The size, height, and weight of an Irish Setter mix of poodles

The size, height, and weight of your Irish Doodle can vary greatly depending on the size of your dog’s Poodle parent!

A normal Irish Doodle adult will likely be between 15 and 27 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 55 pounds.

In contrast, an Irish Setter mini-poodle mix will likely stand between 15 and 25 inches and weigh between 20 and 35 pounds.

This can be an especially tough hybrid mix when it comes to predicting adult weight and height.

Your best bet is to learn as much as you can about each parent dog to see how big your Irish Doodle can get!

Appearance, coat & grooming for an Irish setter and mixed poodle dog

The Irish setter has a showy long, flowing coat.

This purebred dog’s coat is fine and silky and can easily develop tangles or matting.

The Irish Setter’s ears also flop above the ear canals, cutting off airflow and circulation to the inner ear.

Because of this, the Irish Setter really needs to be brushed and groomed every other day to keep their coat and ears healthy.

Daily brushing and grooming are essential when working with Irish Setters to keep the fur from becoming tangled and to keep the ears free from infection.

The thick, wiry, water-repellent poodle coat is about as close as any dog ​​breed can get to a truly hypoallergenic (non-shedding) coat.

However, this dog coat can grow quickly and will become dull if you stop brushing and grooming it.

Ear cleaning

Just like the Irish setter, the poodle’s long ears fall over the ear canals, increasing the likelihood of an ear infection.

Opting for a short coat clip can help with daily cleaning and brushing. However, you need to regularly take care of regular cleaning of your ears to avoid infection.

While it is never an exact science that works out what traits an Irish Doodle hybrid dog can inherit from a purebred parent dog.

You need to brush, groom, and clean yourself regularly (at least every other day) to keep your Irish Doodle dog’s skin, ears, and coat healthy and clean.

Depending on how much your Irish Doodle puppy inherits from their Poodle parent, you may also have a low hair loss dog who is not as likely to cause pet allergies.

Personality & Temperament of an Irish Setter Golden Doodle

The Irish Doodle personality lends itself very well to family life.

These dogs are smart, social, and come from a long history of working closely with people at work and at home.

The Irish Doodle temperament has a strong drive to offer, and their natural intelligence makes these dogs easy to train and very appealing to service and therapy dogs.

You may be wondering if it is better to pick an Irish Doodle vs Goldendoodle, another popular hybrid poodle dog (this time crossed with a Golden Retriever).

Interestingly, like the Irish Setter, the Golden Retriever has a working dog background as a hunting dog, water dog, and retriever dog.

So you can’t really go wrong with either of the hybrid dog breeds, and you will find that many Irish Doodle breeders breed Goldendoodles, probably for the same reason!

Irish doodles health issues

The hardest aspect of choosing a hybrid dog like the Irish Doodle is not knowing what health issues a puppy can inherit from a purebred dog parent.

Because of this, it is important to learn all about health issues and the required/recommended health tests for both parent dog breeds and to make sure that the breeder you are working with has screened and addressed parent dogs for preventable health concerns.

Irish Setter and Poodle Mix health test

The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) recommends testing purebred Irish Setter dogs for hip dysplasia, autoimmune thyroiditis, and progressive retinal atrophy.

CHIC recommends testing standard purebred poodles for hip dysplasia and eye problems.

Optional tests include thyroid, heart, and dermatopathology.

Miniature poodles should be tested for hip dysplasia, patellar dislocation, and eye problems.

Toy poodles should be tested for patellar luxation and eye problems.

Socialization and Training Needs for an Irish Setter Doodle Dog

Both Irish Setters and Poodles are naturally intelligent and athletic with friendly dispositions.

Both naturally have a high level of energy and enjoy a lot of exercises and playtime every day.

For these reasons, you should start socializing and training your Irish Doodle right away.

The enrichment of daily training sessions will not only help build your bond with your new dog but will also ensure that your friendly, sociable pup quickly learns to become a productive member of your family and the wider community.

If your time and schedule permit, your Irish Doodle will also make you an avid and excellent participant in the rally, agility, dock diving, retrieving, show ringing, K-9, and service and therapy dog ​​training.

Is the Irish Setter Poodle Mix a good family dog?

With appropriate socialization and training, both the standard and miniature Irish Doodle can make fantastic family dogs for families with young children.

However, since the Irish Doodle is likely to inherit the high prey from the two working dog parents, this may not be the best dog if you have other endangered pets!

How to choose Irish Doodle puppies

You can rest assured that Setter Doodle puppies are very cute!

The most important aspect of choosing Irish Doodle puppies is choosing a reputable and responsible breeder who will perform all of the required and recommended purebred parent animal health tests for breeding healthy puppies.

Should I get an Irish Setter Cross Poodle Mix?

The Irish Doodle Hybrid is a wonderful dog for an owner who has the time and interest in enriching this active, athletic, and friendly dog ​​and keeping it engaged!

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