Is a Dog School Important?

When purchasing a dog, the question will eventually arise as to whether a dog school makes sense. Most large breed dog owners think about it, but even small breed dogs can learn behavior at a kennel. In most families, small dogs in particular are not trained, but rather spoiled. Usually, then the dog becomes a small beast. Growling and biting attacks are the results. In this situation, dog owners usually come up with the idea of a dog school. Basically not wrong, but you can also have it easy and teach the dog behavior and training right from the start.

Puppy Courses

Dog schools offer special puppy courses, where the little puppies can sniff each other, play, and learn playful things. Before participating, the owner should inquire at the respective dog school from what age he can participate with his dog.

Take Advantage of the Mobile Dog School?

A mobile dog school is particularly useful for working owners. In this way, the dog trainer adapts to the owner and comes to visit on desired days. As in a dog school, the dog then learns certain rules. Consistency is also important in the mobile dog school, only then will he be able to “sit” and “down” in his sleep. The costs are higher for a mobile dog school than for a normal dog school. In addition to the journey, the trainer charges a certain hourly rate.

Every dog ​​owner has to decide for himself whether he wants to attend a dog school with his four-legged friend. The fact is a dog, no matter what breed, needs good training and consistent rules.

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