Make the Balcony Cat-Proof

From the cat’s point of view, being outdoors is certainly the most interesting way to spend the day. But for various reasons, it is not possible to give every cat this freedom. In an apartment building in an urban environment with a lot of traffic, it is safer to live indoors. However, free access to a balcony is an excellent compromise for providing the indoor cat with sheltered, open-air entertainment. The keyword here is “protected”: cat-proof your balcony.

Why do I need a cat lock for the balcony?

The cat shelter is used to fence off the balcony for the safety of the cat. This prevents spontaneous releases or even falls. Because even if cats have amazing physical agility in terms of sure-footedness and jumping power, climbing the second floor or trips to the roof are dangerous adventures. Depending on the structural requirements, the cat protection also serves as a demarcation to neighboring balconies – this way the kitty does not get into unfamiliar territory without permission. However, the most important function of cat safety is to prevent spontaneous accidents. This can happen if the cat is either startled on the balcony and runs away, or tries to jump after a bird or butterfly. Other weak points are, for example, latticed balcony railings that are too far apart, through which the cat could squeeze. And there is also a risk of injury from the window to the balcony.

Accessories and cat protection on the balcony: what do I have to consider?

This means you use it specifically to secure the balcony depending on the local conditions. But first, clarify with the property management whether the attachment of cat protection is even permitted in your case. Sometimes structural conditions limit the possibilities, for example when no hooks can be attached or the external appearance of the facade has to be uniform.

You don’t just have to ensure structural safety on the cat balcony. This also applies to the equipment and use: Please do not deposit any plastic bags, rubbish bins, cleaning agents and fertilizers, or breakables on the balcony.

What does the balcony bring to the cat?

First of all, an indoor cat is by no means disadvantaged. Provided that she doesn’t go outside and that the owner provides the cat-friendly equipment, food and entertainment, and wellness program, an apartment kitty can live a cat-friendly, relaxed life in her small territory.

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