Maltipoo Dog Breed Profile

As a so-called hybrid dog, the Maltipoo is one of the unrecognized dog breeds. Nevertheless, the cross between poodle and Maltese is very popular and so the fluffy Maltipoo will also inspire you with its friendly and lovable nature.

History of the Maltipoo

The Maltipoo is a purpose-bred hybrid dog that has been bred since the 1980s. Breeding began in the USA with the aim of breeding a dog breed suitable for allergy sufferers. The Labradoodle, which originated in Australia, served as a model.

The idea of ​​breeding dogs for allergy sufferers was accompanied by the idea that the poodle should be crossed with another breed. However, since the poodle, as a working dog, has a corresponding hunting instinct and is not a lap dog, the crossbreed was based on the Maltese, which is a perfect companion dog and has a very low hunting instinct. The result was the uncomplicated and robust Maltipoo, which has since conquered the hearts of dog lovers all over the world.

Whether the Maltipoo is suitable for an allergy sufferer must be tested individually. Although dogs shed significantly less than dogs of other breeds, their saliva and scales can also affect allergy sufferers. Accordingly, allergy sufferers should test several times with the breeder before purchasing a Maltipoo puppy to see whether symptoms occur when they come into contact with the furry friends.

Essence and Character

If you are looking for an approachable and energetic family pet, then the Maltipoo could be perfect for you. Don’t let the Maltipoo’s size fool you, because the docile and child-friendly dog ​​is extremely robust despite its small size. The small, fluffy companions literally radiate joie de vivre, because the playful furry friends are always in a good mood and happy. When dealing with children, the Maltipoo shines and behaves in an exemplary manner. The charming dogs are even happy about visitors and like to make themselves heard loudly, but approach visitors in a friendly manner and actively seek contact.

Acquiring a Maltipoo

Since the Maltipoo has a really uncomplicated nature, it is considered the perfect family dog. Nevertheless, you should give some thought to it beforehand, because after all, you should offer the little guy a loving home for the rest of his dog’s life. While the living situation is of secondary importance, since the Maltipoo requires little space and with sufficient activities and walks also feels comfortable in small apartments, you should consider in advance whether you can spend enough time for the active dog.

In addition to the purchase price of 1,500 to 2,500 euros, you should also factor in the running costs for food, veterinarians, and the like. In addition to the classic Maltipoo, Havanese Maltipoo puppies are also in high demand. If you don’t necessarily want to bet on a Maltipoo puppy, you can also offer a Maltipoo that is fully grown in a new home, because even if the animals are extremely lovable and uncomplicated, there are always representatives of the hybrid breed in animal shelters. It’s worth asking because even a full-grown Maltipoo will easily fit into your family.

What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Purchasing?

While breeders of recognized pedigree dogs are organized by an FCI association and have to meet numerous requirements, this is not the case with non-recognized breeds. This is one of the disadvantages of the Maltipoo. Accordingly, you should be particularly careful when choosing a breeder when buying a Maltipoo.

Accordingly, you should have the breeder show you the health certificate of the parent animals and carefully inspect the breeding facility. It is not only important that everything looks clean and well-groomed, but that the animals should also be well socialized. You should keep your distance if the dogs are kept in a kennel and there is no family connection.

Only dogs that are appropriately socialized can score points with a stable nature and character. Regardless of whether you are interested in a white Maltipoo, a brown Maltipoo, an apricot Maltipoo or a black Maltipoo, there are reputable breeders who are happy to provide detailed information about their animals and give you the opportunity to get to know the animals intensively on-site, before you make a purchase decision and choose a Maltipoo puppy.

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