Min Chin: Chihuahua & Miniature Pinscher

Min Chin is a small dog that is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Miniature Pinscher. These dogs have taken the best character traits of the parent breeds, and their appearance is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

These children are smart, alert, courageous dogs that love to bark and can be good protectors. They are picky, healthy, and poised so they are easy to maintain. This designer breed is relatively new but has already become popular, so let’s get to know these cute dogs!


There are no standards of appearance for Min Chins, each puppy is unique and it is very interesting. But there are traits common to all dogs. Typically, this is a small dog weighing 5 to 18 pounds and measuring 8 to 12 inches in height. Min Chin has a short or medium coat that can be smooth or silky. Common colors are cream, black, chocolate, brown, red, white, and gold. The head is round, pointed, erect ears and round eyes. In any case, the puppy will be more or less similar to one of the parents, or both at once.


As well as appearance, the personality of each puppy of this designer breed can be different, but breeders highlight the basic qualities.

This breed is often described as energetic and fearless. Curiosity is another character trait. Therefore, it is immediately necessary to hide all easily accessible things, including medicines.

Min Chin is a family dog, it will fearlessly protect its owner from potential intruders. Despite the fact that the dog is very affectionate, its somewhat impudent behavior is not quite commensurate with the size of the animal. The dog can be somewhat stubborn, so the owner will have to make an effort in education. Tiny Min Chin can easily find a loophole to get through the fence. Check your fence regularly for damage and undermines, otherwise sooner or later Chin will find a way out and jump out into the street.

As a rule, Min Chins get along well with other pets and get along well with children if they are not too annoying. With insufficient training, Min Chins can show some aggressiveness towards other people’s dogs. Therefore, training should be started as early as possible. They tend to treat other dogs in the same house well.


Min Chins are used to getting what they want (both parent breeds have this quality). This suggests that training these dogs is not easy. For many owners of these tiny dogs, training is a real challenge. Classes should be short, otherwise, the pet will quickly get bored with them. A good way to stimulate learning is with treats your dog loves. A rude or aggressive attitude towards a pet will completely negate all training efforts.

Don’t give in to your pet. If you give in to the dog even once, the training will fail, as the animal will understand that it can manipulate you. Please note that learning and socialization should be started at an early age.


Typically, Min Chin has a short coat and is very easy to care for. It is enough to comb the dog out with a non-hard brush a couple of times a week. Min Chins shed very little, especially since the small size of the dog indicates an insignificant amount of hair. Dogs of this breed are bathed as needed. To do this, you need to use special shampoos that do not harm the coat.

Like most small breeds, Min Chins often have dental problems. Therefore, you need to brush your teeth as often as possible using a special paste prescribed by your veterinarian.

The nails are usually trimmed every two weeks. If they are actively growing, then they can be pruned as needed. True, if the dog regularly walks outside for a long time, then the claws will be ground in a natural way, and this will facilitate the process of caring for the pet.

Feeding Features

While all dogs are individual, there are a number of common aspects of feeding a particular breed. It is important not only to choose the right food but also to adhere to the regime. The basic principle of Min Chin nutrition is stability:

  • Having chosen this or that type of feeding, the owner should stop at it – a mixed diet is not suitable for Min Chins, and frequent transitions from industrial feed to natural food and vice versa can negatively affect the pet’s health.
  • It is important to adhere to the regime – it is desirable that the pet receives food at approximately the same time; this is not only useful for the work of the dog’s gastrointestinal tract, but also will help to quickly accustom the dog to the street – he will pee on time, and you can forget about puddles and heaps.
  • Taking a puppy to a new home, it is preferable to feed him in the first 10-14 days with the same food that he received in the previous family – this will speed up the adaptation process, and the baby will quickly get used to new conditions.
  • Walking the pet should be done at least half an hour after feeding – it is undesirable for the pet to be active with a full stomach, this can lead to volvulus.
  • Regardless of the type of feeding, all food left behind should be removed – the bowl should be left empty between meals.
  • Water – the dog should have 24/7 access to water, in the morning it should be changed to freshwater.


Min Chin is in good health, but it can still be susceptible to diseases of the parent breeds. Among them:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Spina bifida
  • Cataracts
  • Low blood pressure
  • Color dilution alopecia
  • Patellar luxation
  • Heart disease

Monitor your pet’s health, vaccinate it in time. And don’t forget about routine vet visits.


Min Chin is very funny, bold, and active. He will be a great friend to all family members. The animal loves to be with the family, so you should not refuse your pet to participate in family picnics, evening walks, and active games with family members. The main feature of Min Chin is an insane love for the owner. Min Chin may have one drawback: a tendency to dig and chase animals, mainly cats. Correct training can easily fix it.

As already noted, Min Chin is a companion dog, so he should live under the same roof as the owner and be a full member of the family. Living in a courtyard, garage or aviary is not allowed for Min Chin.

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