Peek-A-Pom: Pekingese & Pomeranian

Today, dog crossbreeds have become very fashionable and widespread, especially in the West. Popular movie stars, one after another, demonstrate their extravagant pets from the screens, proudly calling them “designer”.

One of the design variants – Pomeranian and Pekingese are called “Peek-A-Pom”. These small dogs with related exteriors result in very cute offspring, free from unwanted parental traits. For example, due to the elongated muzzle, Peek-A-Poms do not snore in their sleep, they are not prone to fall eyes, as is the case with purebred Pekingese.

A puppy of a cross between Pomeranian and Pekingese does not belong to a particular breed, therefore it is brightly individual, has a unique appearance and character.


Pekingese and Pomeranian mestizos are very pretty. A luxurious fur coat inherited from both parents gives them a special charm. The color of the coat can be different, but the most common is reddish-orange, so Spitz and Pekingese puppies look like small chanterelles. The similarity to foxes is added by a pointed muzzle, erect ears, and a magnificent fluffy tail.


A notable feature of the animals is their playful character, cheerful and good-natured disposition. In fact, both dogs were bred as companion dogs. The same traits were fully inherited by their descendants.

Peek-A-Pom will be a great companion in games and a friend in life, not only for adults but also for children. Dogs treat children with special love, they are ready to play with them with pleasure. However, care must be taken to ensure that the child does not injure the Peek-A-Pom. They love children, they are happy to participate in outdoor games. They have such qualities as empathy – they adjust to the mood of those around them, are completely loyal to the owner. The small size and attitude to decorativeness of this breed do not mean at all that this dog does not have the makings of a real dog. He always follows his master and is ready to protect him in any danger. Peek-A-Pom usually has a dominant character, so if a stranger appears on his territory, he will quickly inform the owner of this with a loud bark.

Peek-A-Poms are smart, clean, and easy to the toilette. So there is no need to walk them in inclement weather. It is enough to buy a cat litter box. A well-trained dog will not bark, get tangled up under the feet of passers-by, and pester fellow tribesmen on the street. She will proudly and dignifiedly walk alongside the owner, emphasizing her dignity in front of other dogs.

Education and Training

As soon as the puppy gets into the house, you need to immediately start raising it correctly. The first step is to allow what is possible and prohibit what is not.

You should always praise your pet for obedience and scold them if he does something wrong. Peek-A-Pom is very smart, so don’t yell at him. But you shouldn’t give concessions either – Peek-A-Pom will quickly realize that he can achieve whatever he wants.

It is very important to pay attention to your pet, communicate and play with it. Otherwise, there is a risk that an insecure and aggressive dog will grow up.

Starting a Peek-A-Pom, you don’t have to change your habits – he loves to please the owner, so there will be no special problems with training. From the age of five months, the dog can learn the basic commands.


The peculiarity of caring for mestizo Pomeranian + Pekingese is the daily brushing of the animal’s fur. Such a procedure will not be tedious, it may even bring mutual pleasure to both the pet and the owner of the dog is obedient and the owner is patient. As a consequence of the possession of a magnificent coat – an increased tendency to shed. But, if the owner is ready to put up with this drawback for the sake of the beauty of his pet, then this negative aspect of the content will not become a problem for him.

It is worth bathing your pet only when it is heavily contaminated, but not more often than once a month. At other times, you can use dry dog ​​shampoos, and then gently comb the coat. After walking, it will be enough to wipe the Peek-A-Pom legs with a damp cloth and lightly brush against the fur.


If you have decided on the issue of feeding Peek-A-Pom in favor of dry food, you should choose a quality and balanced option designed specifically for small and dwarf dogs. It is necessary to choose products from the categories recommended by veterinarians and dog breeders.

There are many reasons for choosing dry food for Peek-A-Pom:

  • taking into account the characteristics of the dog – pets with different age, weight, activity have their own dietary habits, and this point is taken into account by the food manufacturers;
  • convenience – not all dog owners have time to prepare healthy food for their pet, and food can solve this problem;
  • balance – the ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins is correctly calculated in the products; in addition, the feed contains vitamins and minerals;
  • safety – you can be sure that the feed will not spoil and the presence of hazardous substances is excluded.

If you are a natural food lover and are ready to constantly prepare special balanced food for your dog, natural food can be a worthy alternative to dry food for your Peek-A-Pom. When composing a pet’s diet, it is necessary to build on the fact that its main component should be protein food (in particular, meat). It is also necessary to take into account such nuances of feeding Peek-A-Pom with natural products:

  • in the daily diet, food with a high protein content (meat, fish, dairy products) should be twice as much as the rest (cereals, vegetables);
  • beef and beef offal, chicken, turkey, veal are suitable for dogs;
  • you can feed your pet both raw and boiled meat, but be sure to make sure that the raw meat is of high quality and fresh;
  • fish must be given low-fat varieties, with previously removed bones (pollock is not recommended);
  • Peek-A-Pom vegetables are suitable for beets, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, and greens;
  • among dairy products, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, and sometimes cheese will be useful.


The only grief for the owners of the mestizo is the impossibility of participating in exhibitions and obtaining a pedigree since no dog organization recognizes crossed animals. There are no specific breed standards for them, no characteristic features are described. The poor prognosis of the dominant characteristics of the offspring is one of the main disadvantages of designer dog breeding.

But, if you decide to have a puppy, which is called “for the soul” – feel free to take a cross between a Pomeranian and a Pekingese. This dog with its presence will bring a lot of pleasure and positive moments to all family members!

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