Slovensky Kopov Dog Breed Information

The Slovakian Hound (“Slovensky Kopov”) is one of the oldest dog breeds in Central Europe – and probably also one of the least known. Find out everything about behavior, character, activity and exercise needs, training, and care of the Slovensky Kopov dog breed in the profile.

Size: male: 45-50 cm; Female: 40-45 cm
Weight: 15-20 kilos
Coat length: short, smooth, glossy
Coat Colors: Black with mahogany
Country of origin: Slovakia
Classification: FCI Group 6: Hounds, Scenthounds and Related Breeds. Section 1.2: Medium-sized hounds

The Slovensky Kopov is one of the oldest dog breeds in Central Europe – and probably also one of the least known: Since it is a hunting dog that only thrives in professional hands, it never became popular with the masses. The ancestors of these dogs are considered to be the Bracken, which came to Hungary with the Celts in the 4th century and mixed with local Scythians, and later also with Austrian Bracken and Polish and Hungarian sighthounds. The appearance of the first Kopovs was still very inconsistent, breeders attached more importance to functional characteristics such as endurance, speed and game sharpness. The first standard was not created until 1940, and the breed was officially recognized by the FCI in 1963.

General Appearance

The Slovakian Hound (“Slovensky Kopov”) has a light build of an elongated rectangular shape and is often confused with a Doberman crossbreed by people who do not know this breed. In addition to the slim body, the coat is also responsible for this: It is always monochromatic, black with tan markings, just like the Doberman. However, the two breeds are not related.

Behavior and temperament

Like most hunting dogs, this one also has a calm and firm nature, is fond of children and obedient. He also knows how to assess situations and make decisions independently. The Slovensky Kopov is a very intelligent dog that sees through people quickly and is therefore difficult for inexperienced dog owners to master. This dog definitely does not belong in the hands of beginners: Even as a “teenager” he will challenge his owner with cheek and stubbornness and test how far he can go. Controlling this attachment requires a steady and experienced hand to guide it.

Need for physical activity

The Slovenský Kopov absolutely needs hunting in order to be species-appropriate and to be fully utilized according to its needs. He can be a great helper when hunting wild boar. The pretty four-legged friends are very successful when it comes to rousing, driving and tracking. They are particularly suitable for use in thickets, corn fields, low snow layers and mountainous terrain. In addition, the Kopov is one of the best scent hounds in its class; with incredible perseverance and independence, he works for hours and independently. What is a great joy for the hunter is a disaster for the average dog owner: the Kopov will pursue its hunting instinct, if necessary without the owner.


In general, a lot of empathy is needed to build a good relationship of trust with these dogs. Only when this is the case can and will a Kopov fully develop its positive qualities. Being accepted as the leader by this dog is a real challenge. But it is not the only one: If a wild boar is stubborn, it must never be handled harshly, as this can lead to a total refusal to work. So you have to know how to take the Slovensky Kopov.


The short, insensitive coat does not require any special care. The dog is very undemanding in this regard. As with all hunting dogs, which mainly walk on soft forest ground and rarely on asphalt or similar, the claws must be trimmed regularly.

Disease Susceptibility / Common Diseases

Breed-specific diseases are not yet known.

Did you know?

The Slovensky Kopov is born with a particularly good sense of direction: even after this dog has been chasing game for hours, it will easily find its way back to the starting point of the hunt. So if you ever walk a Kopov and lose it, just wait at the point where you last saw the dog.

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