The 1×1 of Hamster Health

Hamsters can get many different diseases. These eleven tips will help you to prevent or detect illnesses in your hamster and thus keep him healthy.

You have a large part of your hamster’s health in your own hands, through proper housing and feeding. In addition, you should regularly carry out a health check so that you can identify potential illnesses as quickly as possible. With these eleven tips, you can keep your hamster as healthy as possible.

Poor posture as a cause of illness

Most of the time, poor posture is the cause of diseases. Therefore, provide the hamster with good living conditions that meet its needs. This includes a species-appropriate hamster home, species-appropriate employment, and the necessary hygiene.

Spoiled food causes diarrhea in hamsters

Digestive disorders with diarrhea can be caused by spoiled feed, unclean cages, or cold and drafts. All leftover food should be removed and the hamster should be given boiled rice and fresh hay instead of juice feed for a few days. If the diarrhea is watery or bloody or if it lasts longer than two days, you should definitely consult a veterinarian. Also, be sure to keep foods and plants poisonous to hamsters out of his reach.

Untreated trees good for hamster health

Wood chips and climbing branches should come from untreated trees, otherwise, the hamsters can absorb toxins when gnawing or digging and can become ill. Paralysis, salivation, and tremors, in particular, can be the result.

Diseases of the hamster’s coat and skin

If bald spots appear in the coat, a parasite or skin fungus infestation can be to blame. The vet has effective remedies for this. Males often suffer bite wounds when kept with females. If the wrong bedding is used, lumps and open wounds form on the legs, then the brand of bedding must be changed.

Unclean bedding threatens the hamster’s lungs

If the bedding is unclean, too damp or the cage tub is too high, toxic gases can form and hit the animals in the lungs or nose. Drafts are also very dangerous, so the cage should not be placed on the window sill or on the floor.

Eye inflammation in hamsters

The eyes and nose should be clean and without any traces of secretions. If the litter is too dusty, it can damage the eyes and lead to inflammation. Swelling on the face is often due to the suppuration of the teeth.

Gnaw material prevents tooth growth

Rodents’ teeth are constantly growing back, so they need something to chew on to wear down regularly. If they get too long, saliva runs out of their mouths and the animals become leaner and thinner. Then the teeth should be cut at the vet.

A balanced diet keeps hamsters healthy

Nutritional deficiencies are usually noticeable through a lack of exercise and weight loss. Hamsters need a balanced diet, which, in addition to basic food, also includes fresh greens and animal protein, for example in the form of dairy products, fish, liver, meat, mealworms, insects in general or boiled eggs.

Sleep deprivation promotes disease in hamsters

Being nocturnal, hamsters understandably need their sleep during the day. Constant disturbances can cause them to develop behavioral problems, such as fur biting, aggressiveness, or, in the case of females, even cannibalism, which means they eat their offspring. In addition, life expectancy is decreasing.

False pregnancy in female hamsters

Female hamsters can become pseudopregnant, which takes about eight to twelve days. Just like pregnant females, who give birth to their young after 16 days, pseudopregnant animals also start building their nests, eating more food, and becoming aggressive towards their fellows.

Detect tumors early

Nodules and thickening can indicate tumors, which are not uncommon in hamsters. Depending on the type, localization and size, these can be removed by the veterinarian if they are recognized in time.

Regular health checks are essential to detect diseases such as tumors at an early stage. Also, monitor your hamster’s behavior on a daily basis. Changes are quickly noticed and the chances of recovery are highest.

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