Traveling With a Dog – From Walking the Dog to Flying

Dogs are very social animals. Fortunately, more and more dog owners love to be out and about with their four-legged friends. There are a few things to keep in mind so that living together in public places remains dog-friendly and your dog does not lack for anything when you are out and about. Read here what’s really important, whether you’re going for a little walk or a long journey.

Traveling with the dog – always have your loved one with you

Dogs are pack animals. That means they don’t like to be left alone. Conversely, this means that they prefer to be with you anytime, anywhere. For you, however, this also means that you have to be responsible for your four-legged friend everywhere. It is important to consider various aspects of living together because not everyone likes dogs and not all dogs are equally well looked after everywhere. For example, your dog should learn not to jump up on people and initially keep a certain distance from strangers. In some situations, such as in restaurants, it is advisable to ask beforehand if the dog is allowed in.

Going for walking, hiking

What does it mean in concrete terms to be out and about with the dog? Basically, it’s like with small children: you have to think ahead for your dog. Even if you’re only out for a short time in the neighborhood to get rolls and it’s raining or snowing, a special jacket that also warms the sensitive stomach is by no means a superfluous gimmick for your dog if he has to wait outside at the bakery for a moment. Small dogs and dogs with short fur, no undercoat, or no fur at all freeze just like us. Dog waste bags should always be with you when you go for a walk.

Depending on the length of the trip and the condition of the dog, be sure to take enough drinking water and a small bowl with you – dogs also need water to regulate their temperature so as not to overheat. When hiking, it is also advisable to have at least one dog meal and of course a compact first aid kit with you for your companion.

Dogs on bikes, in cars, trains, or planes

Taking your dog on a bike isn’t as easy – and by no means risk-free – as some dog owners might think. Cycling with a dog requires training and also a four-legged friend who has the appropriate physical requirements for it. Cycling with a dog on a warm or even hot day is a no-no.

If you take your dog with you in the car, then safety regulations must be observed. This includes a special harness and a safety belt for the dog. If your dog is already used to driving and if he combines it with a long walk in the woods, then long journeys, for example to neighboring countries, are no problem.

The train is also suitable for longer distances with a dog. If you are out for several hours, make sure that your dog gets enough water and food. Consider planning stops or driving overnight, at a time when your dog is sleeping anyway.

However, there are particular challenges when flying with a dog. Here you have to plan months before you travel. But the same applies here: With the right preparation, a flight with the dog can also be managed – provided that you cannot spare the dog this trip. Some countries also have special entry requirements for dogs.

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