Trim & Scissors

Trimming and clipping are intended to show off the dog’s shape and coat and create a conforming appearance.

The shearing

When shearing, the hair is shortened to the desired length with the help of an electric clipper. However, the hair should not be cut too short. Otherwise, you take away your four-legged friend’s weather protection. It should have a minimum length of about 1cm. Shearing leaves the hair soft and woolly.

The trimming

With the trimmer, the old and dead hair is removed, more precisely plucked out. This is the best method for rough-haired dog breeds, as the coat grows back wiry and hard. The loose hair is removed along with the root. This allows new fur to form. If the old top layer is not removed, i.e. the dog is only shaved, the new coat cannot come through.

At certain times of the year

As already described for summer hairstyles, some long-haired breeds should be shorn in summer, otherwise, their dense undercoat will suffer from the heat. In winter, it is advisable to clip the fur between the toes of long-haired dogs so that no snow can accumulate when you go for a walk. Because hardly anything is more uncomfortable for a four-legged friend than having to walk around on hard little snowballs with their paws.

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