Walk Time: How Long the Puppy Can Go for a Walk?

Dogs need exercise – everyone knows that. Many new puppy owners also have this principle in mind and make sure that little one is allowed to go for a walk as soon as possible. You mean well, but you overlook the fact that a puppy shouldn’t go on such long walks after all. Because: Your little puppy is still growing, its bones are still soft and not so resilient, the growth plates are not yet closed. You should take this into account when planning the length of the walk. The rule of thumb is: preferably more often, but shorter!

Smaller breeds mature earlier

It can basically be said that smaller breeds are fully grown earlier than larger breeds, which is why they can be subjected to greater stress earlier. In small dogs such as the Jack Russel Terrier, growth is already complete around the sixth month, while in larger breeds such as a Golden Retriever it is around twelve to fifteen months.

Rule of thumb: Five minutes per month of life

Therefore, caution should be exercised, especially when stressing large breeds, because overloading can quickly occur, which can promote joint misalignment and later arthrosis. Therefore, a puppy should walk a maximum of five minutes per month of life at a time. Basically, when going for a walk, less is sometimes more. Better do a few obedience exercises or a little game in between. And if your pup doesn’t have enough after a walk, simply hide a few treats in the living room and keep them busy. Because nose work makes tired without physically stressing the puppy!

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