Wetterhoun (Friesian Water Dog)

The dog breed has been used to hunt otters since the Middle Ages but was also intended to guard the yard of its master. Find out everything about the behavior, character, activity and exercise needs, training, and care of the Wetterhoun dog breed in the profile.

The dog breed has been used to hunt otters since the Middle Ages but was also intended to guard the yard of its master. The exact origin or lineage of this dog is not known. The list of dogs that could be counted among his ancestors is long. The Curly-Coated Retriever, the Spanish Water Dog, but also the Poodle and the Swiss Mountain Dog are under discussion.

General Appearance

A medium-sized, stocky and powerful dog with a square build. Except for the head and limbs, the body is covered with thick curls all over. The hair itself is quite coarse and feels greasy. The coat color may be black or brown, and black or brown with white markings.

Behavior and temperament

A quiet dog with a stubborn character, aloof with strangers, an ideal watchdog. He is loyal and affectionate towards his owners and gets along well with other animals and children. However, due to his high attachment level, he has trouble being left alone.

Need for employment and physical activity

The Wetterhoun needs regular exercise and most importantly freedom of movement, so a farm where he can roam freely is the perfect home for him. Because he doesn’t just want to run pointlessly next to his bike (he still loves long walks), but rather guard his premises. So the dog needs physical and mental challenges, but these are relatively easy to provide.


The Wetterhoun can be very willful. But this only comes to light when he feels he has been treated unfairly. Otherwise, this dog is easy to train, because he likes to learn. In addition, being close to people is extremely important to him. As a rule, he will go along with everything as long as you deal with him extensively.


The fur only needs to be brushed regularly when changing fur, otherwise, no additional care is required.

Disease Susceptibility / Common Diseases

The breed is sensitive to heat and dry heating air.

Did you know?

To this day, the Wetterhoun is bred exclusively in the Netherlands.

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