What’s the Best Time to Get a Puppy?

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To say that you can always get a new dog any time isn’t really true. There is the best time to get a puppy. Like other important decisions you have to make in your life, getting a puppy can be a major life decision.

So when are you ready for a new pet? And how do you know if it’s already the right time to get that new pup? If you’re already thinking about these questions in your mind, then here is a helpful article for you. Below we’ll discuss when it’s ripe to add a new “person” into your life. So read on to know when you should take on a new dog.

Will Having a Puppy Mess with Your Lifestyle?

This is one primary consideration you need to think over. Having a new puppy is not just an item you acquire. This is a living, breathing creature we’re talking about here. Your lifestyle will be affected in many ways.

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Your schedule may need to change. And so will your priorities. You have to make time to meet the basic necessities of your canine pet. Can you afford these changes today? Can you make adjustments in your lifestyle right now?

If your answer is “no”, then it’s not the best time to get a puppy right now. The best time to get one is when you are ready to move things around in your life.

Are You Prepared to Have a Puppy in Your House?

To be ready for a life-changing experience of caring for a puppy is one indicator. But there’s another important one. Your place of residence must be ready as well. And so this next question comes secondary. Is your home prepared to accommodate a puppy?

Cavalier King Charles puppy

What are we talking about here? We are referring to the home set-up you currently have. And it also refers to the size. The location of your home also comes into play. These conditions must be conducive to having a puppy. Let’s further explain what we mean here.

1. Your house must be spacious enough to take on another occupant. It’s hard to care for a new pet when there’s just not enough space. Your pup needs to grow in a suitably sized home. Else, its development (both physical and mental) will likely be affected.

2. Your house must be safe enough to house a new pet. If you want your dog to grow strong and healthy, it must grow in a safe environment. Some people just think they can leave their dogs to grow outside, in the yard, or outdoor doghouse. But if you live in an area where temperatures rapidly go from extreme hot to extreme cold, your dog may be at risk of getting seriously sick.

3. Your house must have proper ventilation. If you live in a cramped up unit with no ventilation, it might be unsafe for your dog. This is especially true if you’ll be gone all day at work. You may come home to a dog that’s severely impacted by a lack of fresh air.

When Is It Ideal to Start Caring for a Puppy?

Now we come to our last consideration. It’s the timing. Is it a good season to take a new pup in? You might think that’s absurd. Any season should be good to bring a new pet home. But it’s not always the case.

Yorkie puppy
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Once your new pup comes home, it will need house training. And you may need to keep it outdoors for some parts of the day, especially when you’re teaching it to go potty. In this situation, is it ideal then to get a new pet in winter? In saying this, summer or spring will make the best seasons for getting a pet.

Final Thoughts

Getting a puppy is a big thing. It’s a serious thing. Consider your readiness before you get one. And consider the readiness of your home to accommodate a pet. When those two are settled, wait for summer or spring to take that new doggie home. That’s the best time to get yourself a pup.

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