Why are Dogs So Loyal?

He is often called “man’s most faithful friend”. And that’s what the dog really is. There are numerous examples of this. A dog knows very well who his master is and that is not based on who fills his food bowl. He gives away his heart. A life long. And if the master or mistress leaves this world before him, he will mourn. Sometimes even until he leaves himself. But he will never be forgotten and the four-legged friend is not corruptible either. Your dog will defend and protect you whenever, even if it costs him his life. But why is it like that? Why does this loyalty triumph over one’s own survival instinct and thus self-preservation instinct?

Is a Dog Really More Loyal Than a Human?

You often hear this sentence, I also think it’s true in a certain way: A dog will never cheat on you. He is incorruptible, for him, there is only you!

Unfortunately, there are often “friends” who would not defend you the way your dog does. He doesn’t care if he’s clearly outnumbered or how big and extensive your opponent is.

Is That Real Loyalty?

Your dog is unquestionably loyal, he stands by you and he took you into his heart until the end of his days. But loyalty is not characterized by the defense. This generally happens when the four-legged friend thinks he is the head of the pack. However, this is not good: Your dog must internalize very clearly that you are the alpha animal and that you can very well defend yourself on your own. He just has to be able to trust you.

Nevertheless, YOU are his social partner, you are a union, so to speak. But you are the boss, as the owner, these roles should be clearly assigned.

And How Faithful are You?

The fact that dogs do not belong in training should now be a matter of course and everyone should have understood and implemented it.

But again: You are the pack leader, the companion, the one your dog cannot leave his side. But in a conflict situation, your darling should stand behind you and not in front of you. If this works, your relationship is balanced and your dog has understood that you are the boss and that you are protecting him. That doesn’t make him cowardly. Your four-legged friend accepts you completely and regards you as one of his own kind – no, as THE kind!

Do Dogs Mourn When the Owner Dies?

Dogs are extremely sensitive animals and notice immediately if something is wrong with their mistress or master. Be it physical difficulties or something that occupies you, what you think about. Your furry best friend will have a hard time approaching you and asking what’s on your mind, but he’ll show you that he’s with you. Many dogs, for example, immediately lie down on their master’s aching back to warm him up there. And that without him getting a hint.

If you leave, the world will collapse for your dog. Especially hunting dogs often mourn until they have to go themselves. If you don’t come home anymore, your dog will stay there until you appear if you let him. Such animals are very difficult to adopt, at least Bach flowers are usually given (rescue drops). But nobody will ever replace you.

A truly outstanding and sensitive film on the subject has been created with the film “Hachiko”, the famous Akita from Japan. The film manages without action and touches the senses.

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