Why do male dogs lick other male dogs private parts?

Introduction: A Puzzling Behavior

One of the most perplexing behaviors exhibited by male dogs is the act of licking another male dog’s private parts. This behavior is often observed during playtime or social interactions between male dogs, causing confusion among dog owners and casual observers. While it may seem inappropriate or even vulgar to humans, this behavior serves a crucial purpose in the canine world.

Male Dog Anatomy 101

To understand the reasons behind male dog genital licking, it is essential to first understand the anatomy of the male dog. Male dogs have a small bone called the baculum, which is located within the penis. This bone allows the penis to become erect, and also helps to direct the flow of urine during urination. Male dogs also have a gland called the anal sac, located near the anus, which emits pheromones that are unique to each individual dog.

The Role of Smell in Canine Behaviour

Canines rely heavily on their sense of smell to interact with the world around them. Smell plays a crucial role in identifying individuals and establishing social hierarchies. When dogs sniff each other’s genitals, they are gathering important information about the other dog’s identity, health, and emotional state. This behavior allows dogs to establish social connections and form bonds with other dogs.

The Importance of Territory

Dogs are instinctively territorial animals, and they mark their territory in many ways, including urination and defecation. When male dogs lick each other’s genitals, they are also marking their territory. This behavior is a way for dogs to communicate their ownership of a particular space or object.

Pack Mentality and Hierarchy

Dogs are pack animals, and they naturally form groups with a hierarchical structure. The act of genital licking helps male dogs establish their place within the pack hierarchy. The dog performing the licking is often displaying a submissive posture, while the dog receiving the licking is exhibiting dominance.

Social Bonding and Affiliation

Male dogs use genital licking as a way to establish social bonds and affiliation with other male dogs. This behavior helps to strengthen the social connections within a pack and promotes cooperative behavior between pack members.

The Influence of Hormones

Hormones play a significant role in canine behavior. Male dogs that are not neutered may exhibit genital licking behavior more frequently than neutered dogs. This behavior is influenced by the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for many of the male dog’s sexual and social behaviors.

The Possible Benefits of Mutual Genital Licking

Mutual genital licking can provide physical and emotional benefits for male dogs. This behavior can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce tension, and promote relaxation.

The Role of Sexual Behaviour and Dominance

While genital licking is not necessarily a sexual behavior, it can be related to dominance and sexual behavior. In some cases, male dogs may engage in genital licking to assert their dominance over other male dogs. This behavior can also be related to sexual behavior and may occur during mating or courtship rituals.

When to Worry: Health Issues and Abnormal Behaviour

While genital licking behavior is normal for male dogs, excessive or abnormal genital licking can be a sign of health issues or abnormal behavior. If a male dog is constantly licking his genitals to the point of causing irritation or injury, it is essential to seek veterinary attention. Additionally, if a male dog is exhibiting other abnormal behaviors, such as aggression or excessive anxiety, it may be necessary to consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist.

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