Why do male polar bears eat polar bear cubs?

Introduction: Understanding Male Polar Bears’ Predatory Behaviour

Male polar bears are known for their predatory behaviour, which involves hunting and feeding on various animals for survival. These apex predators are the largest land carnivores and can weigh over 1500 pounds. Despite their size, male polar bears are also known to feed on their own cubs, which has puzzled scientists and wildlife experts for years. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this unusual behaviour and the impact of environmental pressures on male polar bear behaviour.

Polar Bears’ Reproductive Habits and Cub Births

Polar bears reproduce during the winter months, and females give birth to one to three cubs in a den made of snow. Cubs are born blind, hairless, and weigh less than a pound. Female polar bears are solely responsible for rearing their cubs, and they remain in the den for several months until the cubs are strong enough to venture outside. Cubs are entirely dependent on their mothers for food, warmth, and protection, and the survival rate of cubs in the wild is low. Only around 50% of cubs survive their first year, and they are vulnerable to predation by male polar bears, wolves, and other predators.

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