Why do many cats and tigers have white paws?

Introduction: The Mystery of White Paws in Felines

White paws in cats and tigers have always been a fascination for people. The striking contrast between the white fur and the rest of the body is truly eye-catching. But why do some felines have white paws? Is there a genetic reason behind it or is it just an evolutionary advantage? In this article, we will explore the various factors that contribute to the development of white paws in felines.

Genetics: Understanding the Inheritance of White Paws

White paws are often the result of a genetic mutation. Some cats and tigers carry a gene that causes the fur on their paws to be white. This gene is usually recessive, meaning that both parents must pass it on to their offspring for the white paws to appear. That’s why there are many cats and tigers with colored paws, even if they come from parents with white paws. However, if two cats or tigers with white paws mate, all of their offspring will also have white paws, because they inherit two copies of the recessive gene. This is known as a homozygous genotype.

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