Why do people eat puffer fish?

Introduction: The Dangerous Delicacy

Puffer fish, also known as fugu, is a Japanese delicacy that has gained worldwide recognition for its unique taste and reputation as a deadly dish. The fish contains a potent neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin, which is known to be one of the most toxic substances found in nature. Despite its potential danger, people continue to consume puffer fish, often seeking out the thrill and exclusivity of eating such a risky dish.

A Brief History of Puffer Fish Consumption

Puffer fish has been consumed in Japan for centuries, with the first recorded instance of puffer fish consumption dating back to the 10th century. Over time, the consumption of puffer fish became associated with the samurai class, who enjoyed the thrill of eating such a dangerous delicacy. Today, puffer fish is still widely consumed in Japan and has also gained popularity in other parts of the world, such as Korea, China, and the United States.

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