Why do people say sweating like a pig?

Why Do People Say "Sweating Like a Pig"?

When it comes to expressing discomfort related to heat and sweating, people often use metaphors and analogies to paint a vivid picture of their condition. One such phrase that has become a popular idiom is "sweating like a pig." While most of us understand the general meaning of this expression, not everyone knows where it comes from, why it’s used, or whether it has a negative connotation. In this article, we will delve into the history and linguistic nuances of "sweating like a pig" and explore other animal analogies that people use to describe sweating.

The Origin of the Phrase "Sweating Like a Pig"

Contrary to popular belief, pigs don’t actually sweat. However, that doesn’t mean that the phrase "sweating like a pig" doesn’t have a real origin. In fact, the phrase can be traced back to the iron smelting industry of the Middle Ages, where the term "pig" referred to a container used to hold smelted iron. These containers were made of sand and had a shape and size similar to that of a pig. As the molten iron cooled down, it would give off steam, which would cause the sand container to crack and leak, resulting in a lot of hissing and sizzling sounds that resembled sweating. Thus, the term "sweating like a pig" was born, and it referred to the sound of steam escaping from the cooling smelted iron.

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