Why do rabbit teeth keep growing?

Introduction: Understanding the Rabbit’s Teeth Growth

Rabbits are known for their constantly growing teeth, which is one of their distinct features. Unlike humans, rabbits have two sets of teeth in their lifetime, the deciduous teeth and the permanent teeth. The most remarkable thing about rabbit teeth is that they never stop growing, and if they are not worn down regularly, they can cause serious problems for the rabbit. This article aims to explain why rabbit teeth keep growing and why it is essential for their survival.

Rabbit’s Teeth Anatomy: Key features that Contribute to Teeth Growth

Rabbit teeth have several key features that contribute to their continuous growth. Firstly, their teeth have a multi-layered structure, which consists of enamel, dentin, and pulp layers. The enamel layer is the outermost layer, which is responsible for the hardness and durability of the teeth. The dentin layer is underneath the enamel layer, which is softer and more sensitive. The pulp layer is the innermost layer, which contains the nerves and blood vessels that keep the teeth alive. Secondly, rabbits have open-rooted teeth, which means that their teeth are not anchored to their jawbones like humans. Instead, their teeth grow directly from their gums, allowing them to continue growing throughout their lifetime.

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