Why do rabbits freeze?

Introduction: Understanding Rabbit Behaviour

Rabbits are known for their cute appearance and soft fur, but they are also fascinating animals with complex behaviour patterns. Understanding these patterns is essential for their proper care and well-being. One of the most intriguing behaviours of rabbits is freezing. This response can be observed in different situations, and it plays an important role in the rabbit’s survival and communication.

The Freeze Response: Definition and Overview

Freezing is a behavioural response that can be observed in many animals, including rabbits. It consists of a sudden stop in movement, followed by a tense posture and an alert look. This response is triggered by the perception of a potential threat, such as the presence of a predator or an unfamiliar object. Freezing is a common reaction in prey animals, as it allows them to avoid detection and increases their chances of survival. In rabbits, freezing is often accompanied by other defensive behaviours, such as hiding or running away.

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