Why do rabbits pull out each others’ fur?

Introduction: Understanding Rabbit Fur Pulling

Rabbit fur pulling is a common behavior that can be seen in both wild and domesticated rabbits. It involves one rabbit pulling out the fur of another rabbit with its teeth, often resulting in bald patches on the skin. While this behavior can be alarming to rabbit owners, it is important to understand why rabbits engage in fur pulling and how to manage it.

Natural Instincts: Why Rabbits Pull Out Their Fur

Rabbits have a natural instinct to groom themselves and each other, which involves using their teeth to remove loose fur. However, if a rabbit is experiencing discomfort or irritation, it may resort to pulling out its own fur or that of another rabbit. This can occur due to external factors such as parasites, skin infections, or allergies, or internal factors such as hormonal imbalances. Therefore, it is important to address any underlying health issues to prevent fur pulling from becoming a persistent behavior.

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