Why do sharks have denticles?

Introduction: The Purpose of Denticles in Sharks

Sharks are well-known for their unique skin, which is covered in tiny scales called denticles. These denticles are not just for show – they serve several important functions for the shark. In this article, we will explore the evolutionary origins of shark skin, the anatomy of denticles, and the various ways in which they benefit sharks.

Evolutionary Origins of Shark Skin

Shark skin is one of the oldest and most primitive forms of skin in the animal kingdom. It has remained relatively unchanged for millions of years, and is thought to have evolved as a protective mechanism against predators and parasites. Unlike the smooth, streamlined skin of most bony fish, shark skin is covered in small, tooth-like scales called denticles. These denticles help to reduce drag and turbulence in the water, allowing sharks to swim more efficiently. They also provide protection against predators and parasites, as the rough surface makes it more difficult for them to latch onto the shark’s skin.

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