Why do the mother eat her puppies when they are born?

Introduction: Understanding a Disturbing Behavior

Cannibalism in canines, specifically motherly cannibalism, is a disturbing behavior that has been observed in dogs and wolves. This behavior involves the mother dog eating her own puppies shortly after birthing them. While it is unsettling for humans, it is a natural behavior for canines with a purpose in the wild. However, when it happens in domesticated dogs, it raises concerns and questions about the reasons behind it.

Natural Selection: The Reason Behind Motherly Cannibalism

In the wild, motherly cannibalism is a natural behavior that has evolved through natural selection. Canines live in a highly competitive environment where resources are limited, and survival is based on the ability to adapt to the environment. Cannibalism serves as a way for the mother dog to ensure the survival of the fittest in the litter. By eating the weaker puppies, the mother dog provides more resources and attention to the stronger ones, increasing their chances of survival. This behavior is also seen in other animals, such as rodents and primates, and is a common occurrence in the wild.

However, in domesticated dogs, this behavior is not necessary, and it can be a sign of a problem. It is essential to understand the reasons behind this behavior, which can stem from environmental factors, hormonal imbalances or stress. By understanding the underlying causes of cannibalism, we can take steps to prevent or manage it, and ensure the health and wellbeing of both the mother and the litter.

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