Why Do Your Dogs Like Belly Rubs?

Dog demands belly rub
Karin Beil / Flickr

One of the best things about being a dog owner is that you can slide down for a cuddle session anytime and every time you wish. Having a pet dog is like having a cuddling buddy at home with whom you can snuggle and cuddle all day long and still want for more.

It’s a joyous feeling to see the four-legged buddies roll on their back twitching and flopping showcasing their small tummies for a tummy scratch session. But have you ever wondered why they like it when you gently stroke them on their bellies? Here in this article, we are going to pen down the real reasons why your furry friends love it when you rub them on their stomach:

Neurological Response

Tummy rubs also have a connection with science; your pup’s brain neurons tend to get stimulated when you rub their belly. The tiny belly hair follicles get triggered when you rub them gently on their stomach and further stimulates the brain neurons, making them feel petted and satisfied. These soft and cuddling strokes and rubs can make your dog feel happy and contented.

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Tummy Trust

When dogs display their tummies and demand for a rub from their humans, it is a symbol that they trust them from the core of their heart. When you spot them rolling over while showing their tummies, it means that they are physically vulnerable and have full confidence that their owners will not take advantage of their vulnerability. Getting a short and sweet tummy rub session from their owners can make them feel good and can let down all the good vibes running across their bodies.

Tummy Rub Proportional to Leg Kicks

When you gently rub over your dog’s belly, you might have noticed that he starts kicking his legs as a response. Most people refer it as a tickling spot that makes your dog twitch and kicks, but it is an involuntary response that comes automatically when you rub your dog’s belly. This scratch reflex helps your dog get rid of any irritants and triggers a few nerves under your dog’s skin that causes this action to repeat. So, if you happen to find your dog’s restlessly kicking their legs without taking a break while you rub them, try to find another spot on their belly that doesn’t instigate kicking.

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What If My Pooch Doesn’t Like Tummy Rub?

Tummy rubs can make your dog feel special, but there is always a scope for exceptions. Liking or disliking a tummy rub session is entirely dependent on a dog’s preferences and choices. There are a few dog breeds who may not like it when you rub them on their belly. The reason behind it may be a bad past, breed characteristics, temperament, or any other feeling or emotion that they may have in their minds petting and attachment with their owners. You may love to rub them on their bellies, but if they don’t like it, do not force them to receive your affection in such a way, instead explore other ways of petting that can make them happy to be at your side.

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