Why does a male rabbit pee on you?

Introduction: Understanding Rabbit Behavior

Rabbits are social animals that communicate through various behaviors like hopping, grooming, and urination. Understanding these behaviors is critical to providing proper care for your pet rabbit. One common behavior that rabbits exhibit is urination. While urination is a natural process, it can sometimes become problematic when your male rabbit starts peeing on you.

Rabbit Anatomy and Urination

Rabbits have a unique anatomy that differs from other domesticated animals. One of the unusual features of rabbits is that they have two types of feces. Hard, round pellets are excreted first, followed by soft, sticky pellets. Urine is also produced in large quantities by rabbits, and they have a unique way of eliminating it. Rabbits have a sac-like structure called the bladder, which stores urine. When the bladder is full, rabbits contract their muscles to release urine in a stream. This stream is different from the continuous flow of urine that most other animals produce.

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