Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

Have you ever noticed your dog is staring at you with their cute, little, and innocent eyes when you return home after a tiring day? If yes, then you’re not alone; Dogs are lovable and loyal human companions, and they are excellent in communicating their feelings, but the catch lies in understanding their behavior to peep deep into what’s going on in their mind.

While a few of their attributes may be easy to decipher, others may keep you puzzled. So, here are a few reasons that will help you decode the code as to why your dog’s stare at you.

Spy Effect

When you are out with your dog for an evening walk & you’re about to bump into a person or a pole while crossing the road, your dog must have surely gazed at you once. Though you may have missed out on such a subtle glance from your dogs while saving yourself from bumping in some obstacle, that gaze says a lot about what your dogs may be thinking at that time. Often dogs let out such a gaze just to check out of their humans if they are okay or not. They may also do the same to find out your reaction on how you will react if they try to chase out the person who was about to bump on you. There may be a lot many other questions that may arise in their minds when they gaze at you like a spy to seek their answers by looking at your reaction.

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Attention Seeking Aspect

Have you ever noticed your dog’s staring at you, while you are watching your favorite daily soap or a movie? Ever wondered why does he is doing so? Dogs are cute little attention seekers and if you find them continuously staring at you for long, especially when you have stayed away from them for long without paying attention to your cute little furry buddies, then it indicates that your furry pal is seeking your attention. Dogs love to gain the attention of their owners, and their stare may be a signal that you have avoided them for long, and now, it’s high time that you provide them with a petting session, cuddling around with them & nothing else.

Aggressive Behavior

Bestowing an aggressive behavior does not every time mean that your dog is ready to plunge on you or bite you. But sometimes when your dog is not in a good mood and is looking fixedly at you, it is an indication for you to back off. If you happen to find your dog is giving you those agitated looks with his side-eyes, it may be a warning signal, alerting you to stay back and maintain a safe distance from him.

Black Labrador
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Signaling Their Love for You

Stares are not always bad, and if your dogs are innocently gazing at you, there are chances that they may be feeling affectionate and need a cuddle session very badly. Studies have shown that squinting their eyes while gazing their owners can be an act of submissive behavior & they may be highly longing for the company of their humans. This gaze may be a requesting gesture if they can jump on you for a snuggle. Also, if you catch hold of them when they sit eyeing at you, they may have developed a notion that nice things happen to them when they do such an act being showered with all your love. This reaction to action may have instilled in them the feeling of being loved when they stare, and as a result, they sit gazing at you until you lift them up.

Curly Dog
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Bottom Line

Dogs are great learners and are also highly emotional and lovable animals to have as a pet. Not only are they great human friends, but they can also mimic human beings, talking in terms of behavior and emotions.  So, next time you find your dog’s ogling at you, you have a list of what they might be feeling at that moment. Dogs exhibit different behavior to indicate their humans about their feeling, and we hope that now you have an idea to deal with any such situation.

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