Why don’t pigeons fly south for the winter?

Introduction: The Mystery of Pigeons Not Migrating

Bird migration is a well-known phenomenon, where many bird species embark on long and dangerous journeys to seek warmer climates during the winter months. However, one bird species that doesn’t follow this pattern is the pigeon. Pigeons are known to be resident birds that stay in their habitat all year round, even in the coldest of weather. This raises the question, why don’t pigeons fly south for the winter?

Pigeon Migration: A Common Phenomenon

Before we delve into the reasons why pigeons don’t migrate, let’s first take a look at bird migration in general. Many bird species migrate to warmer climates during the winter months, where they can find sufficient food and avoid the harsh weather conditions. This behavior is widespread among birds and is essential for their survival, as it ensures their access to food and breeding grounds. However, pigeons are an exception to this general rule.

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