Winter Vacation With Your Dog: Useful Tips for On The Go

Taking the dog with you on a winter holiday? Why not! Tour through snow-covered landscapes on snowshoes or skis or just enjoy the peace and quiet. This is also a paradise for your four-legged friend! So that your dog has as much fun in the snow as you do, here are a few practical tips.

You can also take your dog with you in the winter holidays. Playing in the snow is a real joy for many four-legged friends. So that everything goes well on the go in the cold, here are a few useful tips for you!

Tip 1

For long-haired dogs, clip the fur between the toes and grease the paws with paw cream, milking fat, or deer tallow, in deep snow up to the elbows.

Tip 2

Clumps tend to form in long-haired dogs, especially when there is fresh snow. If they get too big on the stomach or legs, remove them along the way.

Tip 3

Pack a pair of paw shoes for long (cross-country) hikes or snowshoe tours in case the dog gets injured. But you should practice running first.

Tip 4

Since the body temperature of dogs rises very quickly when they exercise, even in winter, take a drinking bowl and water with you. The liquid should be slightly warmed up (thermos flask) and made palatable with meat broth or canned milk.

Tip 5

In ski areas, keep your dog on a short leash, only walk along the edge of the ski slopes and only cross them in clearly visible places.

Tip 6

If possible, do not undertake snowshoe tours alone so that someone can always call for help in an emergency.

Tip 7

Pay attention to signposted wildlife sanctuaries, avoid feeding stations and keep the dog on a leash. If a wild animal is startled, it consumes excessive energy and consumes fat reserves unnecessarily.

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