Yorkichon: Yorkie & Bichon

The Yorkichon is an attractive dog with the vigor of a Yorkshire Terrier and a non-waterproof Bichon coat.

Brief Information

  • The homeland of origin: Great Britain
  • The emergence of the breed: 80s of the 20th century
  • Purpose: companion
  • Usage today: companion
  • Life expectancy: 13-15 years
  • Weight: 3-6 kg
  • Height at the withers: 23-31 cm
  • Color: varied

Breed History

The breed appeared by chance, as a result of the unplanned mating of Yorkshire Terriers and Bichons. The puppies turned out to be so cute that they began to breed them on purpose. But the breed standard has not yet been developed and, accordingly, has not been approved.


The head of the Yorkichon is medium-sized, the eyes are lively, friendly, dark in color, the nose is black, the muzzle is elongated but shorter than that of the Yorkie, the forehead is wide enough, the ears are set high, the limbs are longer than that of the Bichon, the body is covered with thick, soft wool and waterproof undercoat.

Attractive Traits

The Yorkichon is not only cheerful and playful, but also brave, but not aggressive. The character is not simple, but they get along easily with the owners, and they can be trained immediately. They are great for living in the city (they quickly remember where the tray is in the apartment) and for the countryside with plenty of space for games and walks that are necessary for great well-being.
These dogs are ready to accompany the owner even on the longest walks. They are distinguished by sincere friendliness. Crazy about active games and the society of people.

Genetic Diseases

Good health is inherited from the Bichon Frize. Rarely, but still, there are cases of dermatitis, ear infections, vision diseases.

Conditions of Detention

If you decide to have this pet only for home keeping, and not for exhibitions, then it is quite possible to stop at the usual dog care. That is, brush and bathe regularly as needed. The paws should be brushed like any other dog after every walk. But if your friend is destined for the career of a show dog, then caring for him requires more careful care. Prepare to work hard before every trade show.


When organizing the nutrition of this dog, it is imperative to add various mineral supplements to the diet – bone meal, calcium, glycerophosphate. This helps the puppy’s skeleton to form, but it is important not to overdose, resulting in brittle bones in the Yorkichon. Your dog’s diet should include some raw foods such as meat (lamb or beef) and vegetable salads with vegetable oil.

There is no need to add spices to the food, they lead to a loss of smell in the dog. It is not recommended to give Yorkichon pork meat, as it can upset the stomach and disrupt the liver in the animal. To prevent Yorkichon from becoming picky and capricious in food, you should not indulge him with delicious food from your table. In general, you should follow the general rules of dog nutrition to keep your puppy healthy and in a good mood.

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