10 Reasons Why Dogs Howl And How To Deal With It

Dogs are, without exaggeration, the most loyal friends of man, they can fill life with meaning, give the owner a lot of positive emotions and subtly capture the slightest shades of his mood. But sometimes a beloved dog howls for no apparent reason. What to do if the dog’s howl repeats itself regularly, and how can you return the joy of life to your pet?

During the day, dogs attract attention in other ways: after all, centuries of evolution are taking their toll. And in the dark, even obedient and affectionate pets begin to howl, filling the space and soul with cold. What are the reasons for this behavior?

Scientists and dog handlers identify 10 key reasons why dogs can show howling.

  1. Instincts, no matter how deeply hidden. Anyone, even the most harmless doggie, can demonstrate kinship with wolves, using howl as a communication tool. Howling, wolves inform their relatives about the danger, caught prey, and notify alien wolves that the territory is occupied. The howling of a dog can confuse a young dog breeder.

  2. It is not uncommon for dogs to use howl as a call for help, signaling sickness and pain.

  3. Many dogs howl at the moon. This is likely due to the frightening contrast of the dark sky and the bright night light on it. In this way, they react to other loud sounds - fireworks, gunshots, the roar of a fire siren. That is, howl, in this case, is akin to the cry of a frightened person.

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