12 Reasons Why Every Child Should Grow Up With A Dog

Do you want your child to grow up as a full-fledged person, to be healthy, and perfectly able to communicate with other people? It is enough to have a dog, and she will make such a significant contribution to the education of a small person that no other life experience can replace. These 12 reasons will help you finally have a dog at home, to the delight of your child. Man’s best friend will create a favorable atmosphere in the house for raising a happy and self-confident baby.

  1. Staying in the same house with a dog increases the immunity of children of any age, including infants. According to research, children who are in the company of a dog are much less likely to suffer from respiratory and other infectious diseases. Many try from childhood to protect children from excess microbes, isolating them from the outside world and placing them in sterile conditions. This harms the immune system, weakens it, while the microbes living on the dog work a miracle - they stimulate the defenses of the child's body.

  2. A child suffering from self-doubt will heal from this unpleasant trait thanks to the dog. Responsible for caring for a living creature make children confident in their own abilities, caring for another educates character - the child will become stronger, will feel his importance, because the life of the pet depends on him. It is a good idea to teach your child to read to the dog. Some children are embarrassed to read aloud so that others can hear them, but no one will refuse to read their favorite fairy tale to a dog!

  3. The presence of a dog helps to cope even with such childhood troubles as allergies and asthma. This is due to the miraculous increase in immunity, which was mentioned above. So if your child suffers from these ailments, be sure to get a dog!

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