10 Typical Sentences That Only Dog Owners Can Say and Understand

There are many phrases that are simply typical of loving and caring dog owners. Now find out in which statements you recognize yourself.

What are completely normal statements for dog owners can seem quite strange to outsiders. Many things can only be understood by those who share their life with a dog and want to provide their four-legged friend with the best possible care. We present sentences that are typical for loving dog owners and that only they can understand.

“Hello… owner of Luna/Max/Nala”

When you meet a new human-canine duo, the dog’s name is often easier to remember than the two-legged friend’s. By the second meeting at the latest, it often gets uncomfortable when you have to ask again. But that’s basically not a bad thing.

Asking their name again shows interest and shouldn’t embarrass you. Tip: To better remember the person’s name, you can simply say it out loud once you’ve heard it.

“I have to show you this picture of Bella/Lucky/Emma!”

For most dog owners, the smartphone is full of photos of their own four-legged friend. No wonder: dogs are simply fascinating. It doesn’t matter whether he’s sleeping, eating or romping across the playground – every imaginable situation is recorded. It is understandable that dog owners want to share this fascination with others.

It doesn’t matter if others call this behavior excessive. Everyone can live out the love for dogs in their own way and for some, dog photos are simply part of it.

“Have you a bag for me?”

Caring dog owners also take care of the legacies of the four-legged friend and dispose of them properly.

If the poo bags are used up after a few rounds of walking, another dog friend can often help out. The request for a bag, a sachet or whatever you like to call it, is a completely normal question among dog owners.

“What did the pile look like and how often did she/he make it?”

Talking about your four-legged friend’s droppings is perfectly normal for attentive dog owners. Because they know that the excretion can say a lot about the dog’s health. How often a dog piles up is also crucial. This knowledge is simply a must for caring dog owners.

“Only my dog does that!”

You may have had this thought while observing your dog. However, after doing some research, it often turns out that your dog’s behavior is not all that unusual. Many dog owners mistake the behavior of their four-legged friends as extraordinary or unique.

But even if it turns out that not only your own dog shows this behavior, that doesn’t make it any less impressive. A loving dog owner is inevitably fascinated by their own dog.

“It’s gotten so much better!”

Whether you want to get your dog out of the habit of jumping up uncontrollably, barking loudly and incessantly, or any other behavior, this requires intensive training. Dog owners often use this phrase to encourage themselves to believe that the dog will completely shed unwanted behavior.

Even if the goal has often not yet been reached, the dog’s behavior has often improved a little by the time this sentence is said. Appreciating even small learning successes in this way and encouraging oneself for further training is absolutely fine.

“I can not today. I have to stay with my dog.”

If you don’t have a dog at home, you often can’t understand why dog owners can’t spontaneously stay out of the house for a longer period of time. Although every dog should be able to stay alone for a short while, it should not be too long. Responsible dog owners know that they have to be there for their four-legged friends and that other things have to take a backseat.

“The dog hair thing isn’t so bad!”

Hardly any dog owner would say that he feels disturbed by the dog hair. Depending on the breed, dogs can shed a lot, but that doesn’t bother a loving dog owner. Vacuuming more often, always having a lint roller at hand or simply accepting the fur hair is part of life as a dog owner.

“My dog doesn’t stink!”

Dog smell is absolutely no problem for dog owners. Dogless people, on the other hand, often wrinkle their noses at the smell of a wet dog. The four-legged friends do have a characteristic body odor, but caring dog owners don’t mind.

“I can’t get up right now. The dog is sleeping!”

If the dog has fallen asleep on the lap, true dog lovers stay seated and do not move. After all, he shouldn’t be frightened. A thought that not everyone can understand. But those who love dogs like to sit and relax while their four-legged friend dozes comfortably.

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