14 Books Every Alaskan Malamute Dog Owner Should Read

The Alaskan Malamute breed is known for having irrepressible, enormous energy. If you live in a private house, be sure – your dog will repeatedly destroy your backyard – lawn, garden, vegetable beds – all this will turn into trenches and holes. By the way, it is better to dig the fence deeper or make a concrete foundation.

The best way to combat this phenomenon is to train your dog to dig holes in one place and accept the fact that several square meters of your site will be allocated specifically for this purpose. It is completely impossible to wean an animal from this, well – or very difficult. Plus, you rob him of a lot of fun in life. If you live in a city apartment, keep in mind that he will chew on your shoes, furniture handles, door frames.

Read the article in order to see a list of cool books.

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