14 Books Every Bull Terrier Dog Owner Should Read

It is widely believed among ordinary people who are not dog experts that the Bull Terrier is a dangerous and inadequate animal. However, free crossbreeding, often practiced by owners around the world, plays a huge role here. This is also very common in CIS countries. Accordingly, no one really conducts screening and quality control of dogs, in addition, many owners deliberately instill aggression and fighting qualities in their dogs. And they give offspring.

But if we are talking about a Bull Terrier with a good pedigree, taken from a kennel with a good reputation, this dog will surprise you with its friendliness, openness, and nobility of manners. Just like an English gentleman, such a bull terrier knows how to behave in the family, and knows how to behave in society. The dog requires a high level of physical activity, training, strength training, and running. This is, of course, the ideal.

We recommend the following list of books to read:

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