14 Books Every Pug Dog Owner Should Read

The Pug is one of those breeds that, thanks to its characteristic appearance, is easily recognized even by those who do not consider themselves an expert in dog breeding. Of course, the modest size and special benevolence do not allow assigning the functions of a reliable guard to this pet, but as a loyal friend for the whole family and a source of positive emotions, the pug is ideal.

Although visually pugs are somewhat reminiscent of English bulldogs, boxers, and now extinct Bullenbeisers from Germany, in fact, their roots should be found in the East. Moreover, you will have to dig deeper, because the first images of short-faced dogs on ancient artefacts that have come down to our days and references to them in historical documents date back to the 6th – 4th centuries BC. The famous ancient Chinese philosopher and politician Confucius speaks of them as companions of the nobility travelling on chariots.

If you are interested in pugs, here is a list of books to help you answer many questions:

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