14 Books Every English & German Pointer Dog Owner Should Read

Despite the fact that the dog is intended for hunting, they are not bloodthirsty or aggressive animals. They become wonderful companions and friends for the whole family, kind, balanced, and devoted. They love to be in a family circle, have a good intellect, and understand their owners perfectly. These dogs never act on evil, preferring gentleness, and obedience. Although, of course, in order for the personality of an animal to develop in the correct way, corresponding correct education is also required.

A Pointer can coexist harmoniously in a large family, being everyone’s favorite, and be a companion of a lonely owner, accompanying him anytime, anywhere. This dog feels well the emotional state of a person and always tries to support him as much as a dog can do. Despite the gentleness of character, these dogs have some internal stubbornness and a desire to act in their own way, which again requires education.

Just keep reading and find a perfect book for yourself.

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