14 Books Every Labrador Retriever Dog Owner Should Read

Labrador Retrievers are sturdily built strong dogs. In proportion they almost resemble a square, they have a dense body and strong legs. The maximum height of a dog is 60 cm, which is why Labradors are classified as medium-sized dogs, but due to their powerful physique, they can visually appear much larger than they are. Weight ranges from 25 kg for a small bitch to 38 kg for a large male. Dogs bred for field trials are usually taller and somewhat thinner in build.

Labrador Retrievers are easily recognizable by their broad head shape, drooping ears, and large expressive eyes. Two distinctive features of the Labrador are a fairly short two-layer waterproof coat and the so-called otter tail. The tail is thick and dense, almost straight, continuing the line of the back. The Labrador’s feet are characterized as “webbed,” with elongated skin between the toes to help the dog swim. The color can range from black to chocolate, red/yellow, and even almost white.

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