14 Books Every Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Owner Should Read

These large and powerful dogs have a calm and even temperament. They are alien to sudden mood swings, impulsivity, and excessive emotionality, although they are very affectionate with their family, show great love and devotion. On the other hand, despite the above qualities, firmness of character, and awareness of their own strength and power, sometimes they make the dog too independent, especially if the owner has a soft and indecisive character. After all, such a pet needs a firm and confident hand.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a breed that is perfect for guarding your property, be it an apartment or a private house. On the one hand, they do not like barking very much, and they do it somewhat restrainedly, on the other hand, the dog will never let intruders enter its territory. It’s impossible. Even if you have to give your own life. If the owner has left on business, and there is no one at home, no one will get into the protected territory of the casino, and few will try to do this, given the terrifying power of this dog.

Read the article in order to see a list of cool books.

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