14 Books Every Shetland Sheepdog Dog Owner Should Read

These energetic dogs helped Shetland farmers: they drove away animals from their possessions and herded sheep into the flock. Sheltie is always happy to go in for sports, quickly learns all the commands, and performs them with great enthusiasm. In addition, she is very fond of active walks, it is not for nothing that this breed is one of the most frequently used in agility. Sheltie is perfect for families with children or people who are fond of outdoor activities: she will happily accompany any trip to nature.

This breed is one of the most friendly and companionable, its representatives easily get along with all family members and become universal favourites due to their sociable and cheerful disposition. Shelties are completely non-aggressive, they easily grasp the rules of the game and the order of life in the family. During training, they look into the eyes with interest and catch every word.

Read the article in order to see a list of cool books.

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