14 Books Every Pekingese Dog Owner Should Read

Pekingese is a bright representative of the canine beau monde with an outstanding appearance and strong independent character. Proud and moderately capricious, this little proud man will never agree to a supporting role, and he will immediately inform his owner about it. At the same time, he has an innate sense of aristocracy. Scratched wallpaper and furniture, endless complaints of loneliness in the form of annoying barking, the mess in the apartment – all this is frank bad manners for the Pekingese, which he will never allow himself.

The homeland of the Pekingese is China. It was in the Celestial Empire that these arrogant fuzzies were elevated into a cult, adding them to the list of the emperor’s favorite pets. According to some reports, the age of the breed has long exceeded 2000 years, but the world learned about its existence only in the 18th century.

Just keep reading and find a perfect book for yourself.

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