14 Books Every Tibetan Terrier Dog Owner Should Read

Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized, square type dog. At the withers, males reach 35–41 cm, females are slightly smaller. Weight – 8-13 kg. The Tibetan Terrier is an adorable and cheerful dog, with a lively gait, but a determined expression on the face.

The head is medium in size, not flat, but not domed either. The eyes are large and dark in color. The ears are in the shape of the Latin letter V, drooping, covered with thick and long hair. Scissor bite. The tail is set high, of medium length, covered with long hair, twisted into a ring.

A feature of the breed is the shape of the paws. Tibetan Terriers have large paw pads, wide and rounded. They resemble snowshoes in shape and help the dog to move in deep snow. Like other Tibetan breeds, Terriers have a thick, double coat that protects them from the cold. The undercoat is thick, soft, the outer shirt is long and soft. It can be either straight or wavy, but not curly.

Just keep reading and find a perfect book for yourself.

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