14 Funny Pictures Of Shiba and Akita Inu Living With Other Animals

What breed was Hachiko? I think many have watched a touching film about a faithful friend. After the release of the picture, sales of dogs of this breed increased. What breed was this dog: Shiba Inu or Akita Inu? Let’s figure it out, compare these similar breeds, and find out.

The Shiba Inu has a zone coat color: black, red with silver or red tan marks. The sizes of males are 35-42 cm, females are 33-38 cm. Weight is from 8 to 12 kg, depending on height. Sometimes a large male Shiba Inu is confused with an Akita. Akita Inu is slightly larger than his brother: the height at the withers reaches 55-72 cm, and the weight is up to 47 kg. The main difference between these breeds is size.

Akita looks like a fox and a bear. The color of the dog can be brindle, sesame, white, or red and tan. These dogs have a fluffy, thick coat and a wide muzzle.

Only slanted eyes, triangular ears, and a ringlet tail in these breeds are the same.

Akita Inu & Shiba Inu are cute dogs. And well-bred dogs will accept a new animal into the house. Let it be a cat, dog, or bird.

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