The 14 Cutest Basset Hounds Currently Online

The Basset Hound is a massive busty “Britain” hound with an extremely low stance and long ears. Officially, the Basset Hound is considered an English breed, but the birthplace of its ancestors was still France. Starting from the Middle Ages, in the books and manuscripts of French historians, notes began to slip about squat dogs from the tribe of Artesian-Norman hounds, who were involved in burrowing and searching for truffles. In written sources, animals were referred to as bassets and were depicted as short-legged dogs with massive bones. By the way, the characteristic short stature inherent in all modern representatives of this family was an elementary mutation, subsequently artificially fixed by breeders.

Many people say that the Basset Hound is not the best breed for photoshoots. We will prove that this is not so!

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